Treating wood with oils, wax, and polyurethane paint according to RAL color chart

Wood is very grateful material for many applications in internal and external arrangement of space, however, it is important to regularly maintain the elements so that they last for years. Wood should not change its mechanical properties and aesthetics. That is why special attention is paid to finishing and maintenance of wood surfaces.

When we talk about the treatment of wood then you can define the four solutions:

  • Varnish
  • Wax
  • Oil
  • Polyurethane paint

Treating wood with varnish

Varnish is a layer which, after drying, is situated on the outside of the timber. Therefore, the aim of varnish is not that the wood absorbs it easily, but the goal is to make a hard, impenetrable layer. Since the emulsion is not absorbed but spread over the surfaces of wood, after drying lacquer makes very smooth and shiny surface. Over time, due to the everyday wear and tear, scratches it is necessary to have flooring re-sanded, and varnished. We at Beko Style can help you with all these issues.

Treating wood with wax

Beeswax is a natural and efficient solution for the maintenance of wood. It is more used for preventing the harmful effects of water than it is used for finishing raw wood. Apart from classic beeswax on the market you can fing quality wax paste. Wax is especially good solution if you want to remove some small scratches and bumps.

Treating wood with oils

Lately oil have becomes increasingly used method of treating wood. First of all oil can change color of wood, but significantly protect this material. Once the oil is applied, wood does not absorb water, it obtains resistance to UV rays, and also oils eliminate possible problems with fungus, mold. There are a variety of oils, some of them are completely dry, while some are in the form of semi-dry. Oil does not diminish nor improves the mechanical properties of wood but they give a very nice aesthetic appearance. Oil does not create a tough layer, but penetrates the surface of the wood. Of course, today's oils are very complex mixtures of vegetable oils and waxes that have multiple uses because oil penetrates and wax protects the outer layer the wood. Since wood that is treated with oil has no hard layer over the surface, it is more likely to get some small scratches.

Treating wood with polyurethane paint

Polyurethane paints are designed for surface applicatoin on the solid wood. These colors are quite dry quickly, in just six hours they are dry to the touch, and for twelve hours are completely dry. Polyurethane paints are durable, long lasting, have good elasticity and they are easy to maintain. Unlike oils, and waxes which are usually colorless, polyurethanes can be found in a number of colors. Finish can be shiny or matte.

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We at BekoStyle have production facolity, large work space as well as a fully equipped paint shop and a drying chamber. We use colors according to official RAL color chart that you can see here. You only need to send us the project or tell us your idea and we'll help you from choosing the wood, making custom furniture, to the wood treatment.

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Benefits of decking

Quickly cover large surfaces

Excellent mechanical properties

Exceptional aesthetic appearance

Warmer than tiles and concrete

When you choose parquet flooring?

When you do flooring for your home

When you need long term solution

When you need heat insulation

When quality is of importance

When you want a high gloss of floor

Parquet is a quality and durable solution for floor surfaces in your home. We do not recommend setting the parquet in the work area as it can be easily frayed and damaged. Because of its thickness parquet provides better thermal insulation, therefore it is recommended to use in those areas where you stay and spent time most of the day.

When you choose laminate?

When you need to cover large area

When you need convenient and cost-effective solution

When you need to have floor that is easy to maintain

Laminate is a great choice in busy areas. Surface of the laminate maintains the original look much longer and tend to damage varnished less often then parquet. Also, there is no need to wait a long time from setting to use because there is no paint or lacquer to be dried. Laminate is easy to maintain and clean and therefore it is much appreciated in the business premises.

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