Wall Insulation and Facade Decoration

Facade insulation system is one of the most important elements of any home as it protects from rain, wind, cold, heat and other environmental influences. You façade also gives the desired aesthetic to the object. Losses through the facade of the average family home are up to 30% of the total thermal energy, while the percentage is much higher in residential and commercial buildings.

Direct, single investment in the insulation of the walls very quickly pays –off through savings on energy.

All insulation materials have a certain thickness and composition, and these are the two parameters that define the thermal performance. Insulating materials are distinguished by the method of setting them on the wall so that the investor has to decide which thermal insulation is best suited to the current object.

What do you get by setting the insulation?

Higher efficiency of heating and cooling equipment as heat (or cool air from the cooling device) can not be transmitted to the outside environment as between the object and the environment an insulation is placed. Insulating material also denies the influence of the environment on the insides of a home or office space. Insulator is one that prevents the penetration of unwanted influences.

It has been said that the insulation is cooling in the summer (prevents the penetration of hot air), and is heating in the winter (it prevents heat dissipation from the apartment).

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Wall Insulation and Facade Decoration prices

Price is determined according to square meter of covered area. We offer complete service no matter if you have bought all materials and equipment or you leave even that part of the job to us. We are open for every kind of cooperation. Send us an email on info@bekostyle.com and we will be pleased to help you with your request.

What do you get by setting isolation?

Savings in energy costs

Additional sound insulation

Good acoustic insulation

Enjoyable interior in the summer

Heat sustainability during winter

Heat release

In facilities that are not insulated losses of heat that occur have been very precisely measured.

As many as 25% of heat is lost through the roof, the exterior walls waste 35%, and heat emitted through windows is 10%.

As you can see these three parts of your building consumes up to 70% of heat.

Therefore, in the planning and design process it is important to create a project of insulation. If there is no insulation project, nevertheless, if it is possible, insulate building afterwards.


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