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In addition to drywall installation and implementation of partition walls and suspended ceilings an essential factor that you need to pay attention is finding of quality and experienced worker for tiling the floor with ceramic tiles. Why allow that after all the work tiling work to be done unprofessionally and carelessly?

Tiling work is evaluated by two factors:

1. meticulousness

2. precision

The main characteristics of ceramic tiles are following: they are watertight, resistant to fire, scratches and dirt. Their finish and surface finish can be matt or shiny. Except ceramic we can also install and granite tiles. They are larger, stronger crystalline structure which makes them more durable and resistant.

Our ceramists perform the installation of ceramic tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, offices or any other place in your home where you want this type of covering. We have experience of working in the buildings with requirements of covering large areas as well as experience in residential buildings and private homes.

Prices for tiling services

Price is determined per square meter of covered area. We can offer you two types of services: we just do the tiling or we buy tiles and do the tiling. In first case you only pay for our labor. In second case you pay for tiles, transport and our labor.

It is best to send us an e-mail to info@bekostyle.com and in direct contact find all the prices of our services. We are open to all kinds of arrangements and we will try to accommodate your needs the best and most professional manner.

Maintenance of Ceramic Tiles

Do not use abrasive items

After washing, rinse the tiles well

Pay attention to the grout lines

Finally wipe tiles with dry cloth

Dimensions of tiles

They differ in many variations in size but by today's standard tile have following dimensions:

20cm x 40cm

25cm x 33cm

33cm x 33cm

25cm x 37cm

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Feel free to contact us if you need professional contractor and interior design services or simply you want to have custom furniture created.

We operate in Serbia and nearly all countries in Europe, so yo are only one email away from having your work done within the deadlines and on affordable prices.


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We are proud to have seven full years behind us, meeting your needs and requirements in construction, renovation or adaptation of home and business objects.

Our qualities and expertise have been available for many global brands: Roberto Cavali, Carpisa, Pollino, Benetton, Adidas.

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