Suspended Ceiling

One of the main advantages that you get by using plaster board during the final construction and the final interior design is the large number of features and options that you have available in the selection of a final solution and design for your interior. Due to its preferences, gypsum panels are easy to handle, they have small mass per square meter and they are not not static load for the building. By setting gypsum panels you quickly cover large areas, which all together make this board ideal for use in making ceiling systems and structures.

Design and production of suspended ceiling

Plates are fixed to the metal brackets that when properly set create a strong and solid substructure. The substructure, except that aims to support the ceiling, can often bring many other advantages (electrical installation can be placed above the ceiling, lighting installation also, and of course we can set insulating materials on the boards).

Advantages of suspended/false ceilings

Just by installing suspended ceilings you get many advantages:

  • Easy to implement and place electrical installations (no need to break way through the ceiling)
  • Easier manipulation of electrical installations in changing the position of electrical consumers
  • Gypsum boards cover any defects and bumps in the ceiling
  • Suspended ceiling mask installations and ceiling beams
  • Suspended ceiling are an excellent insulator (especially in combination with mineral wool insulation)

Suspended ceilings and design of the interior

A special application of suspended ceilings is in the aesthetics of the room. Combined with adequate lighting, ceiling can be a key factor that determines the final look of the room. Various shapes, forms, planes and stepped cascades are able to emphasize certain parts of the room to give the room depth, width and space. Proper positioning of the lighting can emphasize certain area of the room (eg. seating area in the living room or the showroom section of your business area).

Suspended ceiling price

The basic price of making false ceilings are given per square meter of covered area. We must note that we charge separately opening the lighting holes in plaster boards, production and cascading curvilinear forms and any other special requirements you may have when it comes to plaster works. Click on the price list and see the details.

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Choosing recessed lighting

Decorative lighting

Lighting for illumination

Centrally positioned light source emits light from the ceiling throughout the room and bringing an effective illumination of the whole interior.

Ambient lights and lamps should be placed along the edges to partially illuminate the walls resulting in a decorative and aesthetic effect.

Types and forms of suspended ceilings

Do not be limited to create ceiling in only one level. Design and project different shapes, cascades and curved surfaces. Gypsum panels are easily mechanically treated which enables the creation of complex and forms and shapes.


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