Solid wood windows

We produce wooden windows made of high quality wood with no errors (cracks, knots). These are laminated elements that are combined with waterproof adhesive glue. We mostly use glazed low-emission glass filled with argon gas, but if your project needs other features, we are able to adapt to the requirements. The windows also have good seals which provides good thermal and acoustic insulation.

We can also make specific forms such as pitched or arched windows. Of course we can create and embed shutter windows, blinds, mosquito nets. Finishing can be colored wood or paint according to RAL color chart which makes the windows may fit in any environment.

Windows that we manufacture and install have the following characteristics:

  • The possibility of making at all dimensions and measures
  • The ability to open window in multiple planes"
  • No deformation elements
  • Optimal thermal and sound insulation
  • High throughput of natural sunlight.

Features and variants of wooden windows

A well designed and professionally installed window provides durability of micro climate in the room, exceptional aesthetic appeal, a more efficient isolation of high and low temperatures, as well as high quality sound insulation. Another advantage is that wood as a natural material which has a characteristic of wapor diffusion.

Constructive variants of windows:

  • Single-casement with opening to the side (classic windows)
  • Single-casement with opening through the upper horizobtale
  • Double in which both windows open
  • Double in which only one windows opens
  • Triple-window system in various combinations
  • Four-window system in various combinations

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Why is it better to do custom furniture?

Creating elements that are not in regular sale

Better fit in your space

Cheaper than buy ready-made elements

Easier installation of lighting and cables

Greater choice of finishes and colors

You choose the layout of elements

Heat release

In facilities that are not insulated losses of heat that occur have been very precisely measured.

As many as 25% of heat is lost through the roof, the exterior walls waste 35%, and heat emitted through windows is 10%.

As you can see these three parts of your building consumes up to 70% of heat.

Therefore, in the planning and design process it is important to create a project of insulation. If there is no insulation project, nevertheless, if it is possible, insulate building afterwards.

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We are proud to have seven full years behind us, meeting your needs and requirements in construction, renovation or adaptation of home and business objects.

Our qualities and expertise have been available for many global brands: Roberto Cavali, Carpisa, Pollino, Benetton, Adidas.

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