For seven years we have been working on various project where we were specialized in drywall installation, painting and interior design. During that period we were cooperating with many well-known brands.

As a result of our dedication and hard word, aesthetic department of Roberto Cavalli named our shop in Novi Sad as the most beautiful and technically developed boutique in southeast Europe.

Also, a big part of our activities is in construction and adaptation of private homes and apartments. Take a look at our portfolio and references and make sure of quality we presented our clients with so far.

Humanitarian organization

Klinički centar
Neurology center

In Shape
Online fitness studio

Factory in Valjevo
Factory in Zaječar

Gas station Mihajlovac I
Gas station Mihajlovac II

Edukativni Centar
Industrijska 3 - Novi Sad

Kafić Telep
Telep - Novi Sad

Beocontrol Transportation
Altina, Zemun - Beograd

Organisation of Phonogram Producers of Serbia
Masarikova 5 - Beograd

Roberto Cavalli
Kralja Petra, Vuka Karadžića - Beograd
Laze Telečkog - Novi Sad

Calvin Klein
"Ušće" Shopping mall - Beograd

Knez Mihailova - Beograd

Zmaj Jovina - Novi Sad
Glavna ulica - Pančevo

Adidas 3M
"Mercator" Shopping mall - Novi Sad
"Mercator" Shopping mall - Niš

"Ušće" Shopping mall - Beograd

Glavna ulica - Šabac, Smederevo, Valjevo
Bulevar kralja Aleksandra - Beograd

3M sports
"Mercator" Shopping mall - Kragujevac

Beograd, Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac, Valjevo, Obrenovac

"Mercator" Shopping mall - Novi Sad

Mega Invest
Subotički bulevar - Novi Sad

Dom zdravlja

Residential building Ciksa

To this list should be added dozens of renovation and adaptiation services for individual homes and private apartments.

Why choose us?

We cover whole Serbia

We have all the tools and know-how

We have 7 years of experience

For all the work you get a warranty

Rigips Certificate

We are pleased to be proud of that for seven years we are fulfilling all your wishes and requests in adaptation, construction or design of the objects and buildings.

We are owners of the Rigips Certificate which which guarantees our professionalism in doing all services.

Let's do business

Feel free to contact us if you need professional contractor and interior design services or simply you want to have custom furniture created.

We operate in Serbia and nearly all countries in Europe, so yo are only one email away from having your work done within the deadlines and on affordable prices.


Address: 22406 Irig, Fruškogorska 69

Country: Serbia



About Us

We are proud to have seven full years behind us, meeting your needs and requirements in construction, renovation or adaptation of home and business objects.

Our qualities and expertise have been available for many global brands: Roberto Cavali, Carpisa, Pollino, Benetton, Adidas.

Call us or send us an email.

Our projects

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