Interior Design

Interior design is a very important factor that determines the functionality and aesthetics of the space. Design must fulfill wishes of users, but also utilize most of the space properties such as natural light, configuration and shape of the room and the purpose of the room..

If you have a preliminary design, concept or detailed design ready, we at Beko Style can help you in implementing all of that.

Our services include the following activities:

  • Installation of furniture, cabinets, shelves, doors, mirrors, beds, tables in both
    residential homes and in the shops or business offices.
  • Installation and exhibition lighting
  • Installation and setting alarm systems
  • Installation and setting fire alarm system
  • Video surveillance systems,
  • Telecommunications systems and
  • System for audio and video equipment

Please take a look at interior desing services we offer

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molerski radovi

molerski radovi

Office space interior design

We collaborated with designers and engineers from several world famous brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Carpisa, Segue, Calvin Klein, Retro and have experience in high standard interior design. As a result of this the dedication and professionalism the award came from the cosmetic department of the company Roberto Cavalli. Thay named our shop in Novi Sad as the most beautiful and technically developed boutique in southeast Europe.

We have the Carpisa license to carry out internal works in their facilities on the territory of Serbia.

Send us an e-mail to and in direct contact find all the prices of our services. We are open to all kinds of arrangements and we will try to accommodate your needs the best and most professional manner.

5 easy steps to decorate the interior

Introduce indoor plants

Place a modern mirror

Install decorative lighting

Align picture frames

One wall paint in different color

Styles in interior design

There are hundreds of styles today. How to choose the best one for you?

Simply ask yourself whats your needs are in the room, what is the purpose and how much time will you spend in it.

If you want to change something do not immediately change the whole style, but in the beginning try to enter different details and decorations.

Try refreshing the space with some small changes and then if you like them that change can start to change the entire style.

Let's do business

Feel free to contact us if you need professional contractor and interior design services or simply you want to have custom furniture created.

We operate in Serbia and nearly all countries in Europe, so yo are only one email away from having your work done within the deadlines and on affordable prices.


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About Us

We are proud to have seven full years behind us, meeting your needs and requirements in construction, renovation or adaptation of home and business objects.

Our qualities and expertise have been available for many global brands: Roberto Cavali, Carpisa, Pollino, Benetton, Adidas.

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