Fire Protection Systems

Protection of buildings and infrastructure from fire is an important factor when making project and implementing designs in question. Depending on the purpose of building an experienced designer will always predict adequate fire protection. The system consists of a device for detecting fires, structural elements for the passive protection and at the end there is a system of active protection that directly serves to extinguish the fire.

When used as an element of fire protection plasterboard a passive barrier. Specifically, its natural molecular structure contains water, which in the process of crystallization bound to other molecules and forms so-called hydrates. When the plaster is exposed to heat, the water passes from the state of hydrates of the water, but if the heat source is extremely high then water even evaporates. All this contributes to the protective effect of gypsum board against fire.

As gypsum boards act as a barrier to expanding emissions of heat, better effects are achieved by using a thicker protection - placing a few boards one to the other.

Advantages of the use of gypsum board in fire protection:

  • Metal grid system does not burn
  • Very easy to install fire detection systems (smoke machines and alarms)
  • Easy to install active protection systems (sprinkler and hydrant systems)
  • Enabled easy control and audit of all systems at any time is possible.

It is important to note that quality materials and equipment should be used, ones tested in our institutes and which are in full compliance with legal norms and regulations on fire protection.

Fire protection systems - price of works and services

Price is determined per square meter of covered area.

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Advantages of this system

Quickly cover large areas

Excellent mechanical properties

Good acoustic insulation

Heat sustainability in the winter

Heat release

In facilities that are not insulated losses of heat that occur have been very precisely measured.

As many as 25% of heat is lost through the roof, the exterior walls waste 35%, and heat emitted through windows is 10%.

As you can see these three parts of your building consumes up to 70% of heat.

Therefore, in the planning and design process it is important to create a project of insulation. If there is no insulation project, nevertheless, if it is possible, insulate building afterwards.

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