Electrical Installation Services

As part of standard contruction services we offer all kind of electrical services. Our team of electricians has years of experience working in whole Serbia on installations of high voltage systems and in the activities which dealing with low voltage installations.

We can perform following tasks:

  • Do installation of single-phase and three-phase power systems for the entire building,
  • Set installations for lighting
  • Install lighting equipment itself
  • Make the installation of all other consumers such as alarm systems, fire detection systems, video surveillance systems, installation of sound systems and of all types of telecommunication installations such as telephone lines and installation for computer networks.

We perform electrical work in residential, commercial and all other types of buildings. Activities contain work from on control cabinets but also creating complete electrical installation in the building and implementation of other installations for all consumers defined by the project plans.

Prices for Electrical Installation Services

As you can see there are different types of services in the settings of heating and plumbing installations, therefore we advise you to send us an e-mail to info@bekostyle.com and in direct contact find out all the prices and details. We are open to all kinds of arrangements and we will try to accommodate your needs the best and most professional manner.

Why choose us?

We use approved equipment

We follow the design guidelines

For all the work you get a warranty

We comply with safety regulations

Useful Tips

Due to the risk of electric shock, the regulations stress that only qualified personnel work on electrical equipment or systems. If you are making small repairs in your home use a well insulated tool. Usually on handles of such tool manufacturers clearly emphasize how much voltage is isolation capable to maintain, for example, 1.000 V, or the similar value in Volts.


Address: 22406 Irig, Fruškogorska 69

Country: Serbia

e-mail: info@bekostyle.com

Website: www.bekostyle.com

About Us

We are proud to have seven full years behind us, meeting your needs and requirements in construction, renovation or adaptation of home and business objects.

Our qualities and expertise have been available for many global brands: Roberto Cavali, Carpisa, Pollino, Benetton, Adidas.

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