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We can provide complete offer of construction services from preparation, implementation and finishing works in construction. We have a team of professionals who have significant experience in the business and work on projects on the ground. Jobs are finished quality, on time and in accordance with regulations and standards. We can help you build individual buildings, perform the renovation of the apartment, or build the business premises, offices, shops, shopping centers, but also large commercial buildings, warehouses, plants and factories. We present now a list of services available from us.

Preliminary construction services

These are the basic works preceding to construction works. It is very important that these tasks are completed in time, because completing them depends on further work on the project. We can provide the following preparatory construction works:


These operations include all activities to prepare the ground for the construction work. We can assist you in forming the foundation, taking dirt and ground away, install water supply, heating and telecommunications installations.

Disassembling, demolition and drilling

Our team is at your disposal if you need parts of the buildings demolished or disassembled. Also we can do chisel channel sets and guides for installations.

Performing construction work

We're talking about the jobs of the actual construction. We can perform construction work using the most traditional techniques of construction, but we can apply modern technical solutions. Services in performing construction work are as follows:

Concrete and reinforcement work

We are working in jobs that involve the formation of structure reinforcement, preparation and filling of foundations, retaining walls and other concrete services.

Locksmith services

Our experienced welders can meet all the requirements of the construction needs of locksmith work. We produce all types of structures, supporting forms, frames and all the other hardware.

Thermo-technical works

This service offers tasks that can combine setting heating, plumbing and cooling systems as well as setting thermal insulating elements. We can implement all requirements regulated by the project, but also make proposals according to our experience.

Machine plastering

We also work do machine plastering. This is fast, convenient and high quality method of covering a large area by coating a plaster. The mixture is relatively quick drying allowing the continuation of construction and finishing operations at the facility. The effect is much better than applying coat of plaster by hand, bringing machine plastering an ideal technique on construction sites of large commercial buildings.

Brickwork, masonry and construction techniques

As we mentioned we build using all known traditional methods, but due to the development of modern construction technologies we are proud to apply all those modern ways of construction. We worked throughout Serbia and the region on residential, commercial and individual projects. We emphasize the efficient and cost-effective method of construction:

  • Aerated concrete blocks (Siporex)
  • Ytong blocks

Both methods are very reliable because they provide quick construction at affordable prices. The materials are stable and are well proven in many years of exploitation. The influences of the climatic factors such as temperature, humidity, and precipitation are not harmful to aerated concrete blocks and Ytong bringing this type of building among the most recommended in our geographical areas.

Security and Safety

Our employees are professionals in the business, trained to perform safe operations of the facilities. Regularly pass rigorous health check. When working on the site from our staff is always required composure, professionalism and concern for their own safety and others.

Tools and materials we use

We use certified equipment from renowned manufacturers of tools and resources for work (Hilti, Makita ...). The materials we use are of high quality and tested in countless practice. We know exactly how they will behave no matter do they suffer influence of weather, climate and technical factors of exploitation. We are here to help you with advice if you have questions, concerns or you are interested in the details regarding materials, equipment and other elements in the construction industry.

Prices of construction works and services

We offer different types of services in the field of construction works and due to the specific requirements each of our clients has it is the best to send us an e-mail to and directly find out all the prices of our services. We are open to all kinds of arrangements and we will try to accommodate your needs the best and most professional manner.

Why choose us?

We cover whole Serbia

We have all the tools and know-how

We have 7 years of experience

For all the work you get a warranty

Isolation of aerated concrete wall

It is important to know that the porous structure of aerated concrete blocks absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and the environment. Therefore, it is not recommended that the insulation is applied directly to the aerated concrete but instead contact surface has to be treated first, and then insulation can be placed.

Installation Types

Radiator connection from the floor

Radiator connection from the wall

Underfloor heating

Pipes and fittings

Equipment for substations

Expansion vessels

Measuring and control equipment

Useful Tips

Pay attention to the warranty and certificates when buying equipment for heating and plumbing. It is necessary that these systems are durable and tested by government agencies and approved for use.

Machine plastering

Plastering machine does the job much faster and it is important to note that due to the pressure that pushes the machine all plaster firmly clings up on the wall surface. That means there are no untreated parts and no air pockets and empty space.

This is especially useful when plastering ceilings and at the corners. If done manually plastering the corners is often poorly done, therefore these places eventually crack or starts to fall. With machine plastering there are no these kind of problems

Rigips Certificate

We are pleased to be proud of that for seven years we are fulfilling all your wishes and requests in adaptation, construction or design of the objects and buildings.

We are owners of the Rigips Certificate which which guarantees our professionalism in doing all services.

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Feel free to contact us if you need professional contractor and interior design services or simply you want to have custom furniture created.

We operate in Serbia and nearly all countries in Europe, so yo are only one email away from having your work done within the deadlines and on affordable prices.


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We are proud to have seven full years behind us, meeting your needs and requirements in construction, renovation or adaptation of home and business objects.

Our qualities and expertise have been available for many global brands: Roberto Cavali, Carpisa, Pollino, Benetton, Adidas.

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